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Social Media Manager

Eloise Bristow

Eloise is the Social Media Marketing Manager who runs Climate Cost Project’s social channels. Eloise works creatively to design and curate content, run social campaigns and manage our online community. Eloise uses our platform to expose the emotional, financial and social impacts of climate change, and ensure the stories of those who have been affected by extreme weather are told. 


Eloise conducts social listening research, which involves tracking and analyzing social conversations on the topic of climate change. This helps us to understand public sentiment and perceptions of climate change, so we can communicate with our community in a meaningful and perceptive manner. 


Eloise utilizes her scientific background, including a BsC in Biology and her research placement at the University of Bogota, to convey and translate climate research to the social community. Her dissertation was focused on researching the environmental effects of food trends, and she brings her analytical skills to her work at Climate Cost Project. 


Honing her experience in social media marketing, Eloise has experience in running a plethora of social media accounts, including Snowball, an online climate activism community, and ChicP, the sustainable food brand which aims to increasing public awareness of food waste. She believes that social media is a powerful platform to leverage and drive the environmental agenda. 

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