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The Climate Cost Project is a data and documentary project to help uncover, understand, and visualize the costs of climate change to American communities.   

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The Witnessing Change Short Film

 The Witnessing Change Short Film Competition challenges documentarians to create a personal and visual record of the way climate change is impacting us now.


The Climate Impact Census

 The Climate Impact Census is collecting cost data from individuals and cities that are affected by climate change to record and demonstrate the immediate financial costs that are already impacting American communities. 




Who We Are



Laurie T. Johnson

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Sieren Ernst

CEO & Co-Founder

Eloise Bristow

Social Media Manager


Dallas Burtraw

Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow, 

Resources for the Future 

Dayna Reggero

Film Director and Founder, 

Climate Listening Project

Mark Reynolds

Executive Director, Citizens Climate Lobby

Robert Kopp 

Director, Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences  

Witnessing Change  

Short Film Competition 

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