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 2018 Witnessing Change Short Film Competition Winner 
Bjørn Olson for "Alaska Thaw" 

About the Filmmaker

Bjorn Bio.jpg

Filmmaker and wilderness adventurer, Bjørn Olson, was born in an abandoned trappers cabin in Interior Alaska. He has dedicated his life to exploring far-flung corners of the state without the aid of gas-powered vehicles, and to documenting his experiences.


In response to the lackluster attitude toward the ecological crisis his state is facing, in 2016, Bjørn created an education campaign called Alaskans Know Climate Change. A life-long closeness to Alaska’s vast wilderness and its unique cultures has helped shape and inform Bjørn’s identity, his environmental activism, and the media he produces.

About the Competition

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The Witnessing Change Short Film Competition asks filmmakers to tell stories about the climate change that is already happening in the United States. The purpose of the competition is to add diversity and depth to our collective understanding of the immediate reality of climate change, and to Americans hear about climate change not just from policymakers, scientists, and politicians, but from each other. If you have any questions about the 2019 competition, please direct your inquiries to 

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